Solar Monitoring System

  • Schematic Diagram

    Solar IP camera is a wireless CCTV device that is powered by solar panels and transmits one -one or one-many broadband through wireless network in long-distance. It’s based on the standard of wireless communication, using OFDM( Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing), MIMO( Multi-Input & Multi- Output) and other technologies. It supports allocations of several kind bandwidth(10MHz、20MHz etc), reducing the monitoring delay, improving transmit ability in long-distance and resisting interference. Meanwhile, it can transmit Ethernet through RS485 port simultaneously, applying in monitoring and inconvenient wire-installed place and off-grid area.

  • Product Feature

    1.Long-distance transmission: high quality image transmission, longest transmitting distance 5km( visible distance) Image 2: receiver
    2.Low consumption: highest working power below 3W.
    3.Multinode: supporting one-one and one - many transmission, supporting MESH group network.
    4.Multi bands optional: avoiding busy signal channel, using dedicated wireless channel, applying the wireless dynamic adaption technology, guaranteeing the reliability of transmission, and supporting channel encryption.
    5.Matched transmitter and receiver: transmitter and receiver matched when packed in factory.
    6.High quality Lithium battery: long operation life, low self-consumption, adapting to high or low working temperature

  • Applications

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  • Home

  • Farm

  • Forest

  • Highway

  • Scenic Area

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